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Yoga Alliance E-RYT500

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🏣283-0803/2-17-3 Hiyosidai Togane-City Chiba Japan

📱080-5471-7394 (TAISUKE)

Studio OPEN

Monday-Friday (9:00-19:30)


Saturday (9:00-18:00)

Break time (12:00-13:30)

Holidays (Sunday/Others: please check the weekly calendar)


TRIAL YOGA (call me if there is no vacancy! I'll return you.

📞 080-5471-7394 (TAISUKE)

Spend time for yourself slowly in private yoga!

 Yoga and popular personal training will suit you. Because this is private, we can do it. We want to give priority for your comfort. You want to face a body. Here you have time to enjoy changing your lifestyle and becoming your own ideal! 

Private Yoga

Come on, let's practice yoga!

Trial class


Free Admission! Free use of facilities and all equipment.

Three points to be selected

Private lesson's yoga studio will start reasonably according to your requirements and physical condition! You want to lose weight, be flexible and train core muscle. We will make your dreams come true!

We want to use time effectively and efficiently. You can start with your favorite hours and days of the week! The renovated yoga studio can relax in the space of solid wood and white wall in harmony with nature!

We prepared a good price for you to start with confidence! International yoga teacher will provide you great expectations for great results!

Yoga in a quiet space surrounded by green!


Yoga room is a space surrounded by indoor house plants. You can relax your mind, body and relieve stress. It keeps air humidity normal. Many plants will welcome you from the entrance.

Price plan

Introductory/ Beginner/ Intermediate Yoga

(All levels price are the same)

In 1 month 4 times yoga course

( In 1 month lump sum payment by Cash )

4times    ¥14.000

(Valid for 1 month and 2 weeks)


In 1 month 4 times yoga course

( In 1 month lump sum payment by Cash)

3 times        ¥12.000

(Valid for 1 month )


Trial Course        ¥2.500 (1 h)

Cross Yoga (Gym Training)

Three different exercises will change your body!

Cross Yoga is a completely new training + Yoga!

①Anaerobic exercise (muscle training)

②Aerobic exercise(run)


Free Admission! Free use of facillity and all equipment.


Popular personal training!

Seriously makes your body to get good curves with private gym!

Cross Yoga can make you a lifetime custom! Cross Yoga can support your health forever!  Here in my studio you will learn how to use training machines, dumbbells etc. Cross Yoga which women can start with peace of mind, is extremely popular! Personal training releases you from lack of exercise, making it thin and beautiful. Muscle training to tighten the body from the outside, yoga to tighten the body from the inside, run to thin the whole body!


Determined to Cross Yoga!!

Cross Yoga always support your health with the three strongest balances!

❶Cheaper price than any company about 10%!

❷Highly effective, you can understand with numerical values!

❸If you can change your physical appearance, you can change your inner side also!

❹Because you will be able to move by yourself, you can have a self confidence!

❺personal trainer has a good amount of information and fun!

❻Trainer is gentle and polite for muscle training beginners. So you will be motivated!


Price Plan

In 1 month 4 times yoga course

( In1 month lump sum payment by Cash )

4times     ¥18.000

(Valid for 1 month and 2 weeks)


Trial Class             ¥4.500(75 min)

Free Admission! Free use of facility and all equipment.

Core B Yoga (InTogane Arena)

One time yoga fee ¥666 reasonable price!

Train your core and become a beautiful body line with Core B Yoga!

The fat in your body will be burn!   Enjoy interactive first-class active yoga! Together with us beginners Intermediate level yoga! Classes are enjoyable without comparing to other people.

Enter Enroll from October 2018 until March 2019! Participation is OK!


3 time a month, 18 times in total

Friday night 19:00-21:00


LEVEL 1 Training time

 (19:00-19:50)35 members only


Foundation and flexible your body! You will be able to pose a relaxed foundation.


LEVEL 2 Training time

 (20:00-20:50)35 members only

Core and body balance!

It strengthens trunk and muscular strength. Make a flexible and strong body. It's never been done before.

We recommend both classes!


Warming up with LEVEL 1 and connecting to LEVEL 2 makes the body move more smoothly. LEVEL 2 needs flexibility and core muscle, muscular strength.


Price Plan1

You can choose either

LEVEL 1(19:00-19:50)or LEVEL 2(20:00-20:50)

18times¥12.000 (cash lump sum payment)

It is ¥666 per time



You can choose both


36times¥24.000➡¥21.500(10.4%off) (cash lump sum payment)

It is¥597 per time


Halfway participation fee! It's OK!

Please check with your charge for details!

It depends on timing to start.
Please call me I can explain you !080-5471-7394

A New !Exciting Course(Yoga Philosophy/Meditation)closed now

Started TAISUKE's Yoga Philosophy Course,  which was extremely popular at Josai International University, which you can experience in my Yoga studio only.

Recommended for yoga teachers, real yoga, meditation, want to know the correct spiritual, want to change myself, prepare mental balance, think about a diet of mind! This is a fully private course that you can take times at any time you like.(3hours of yoga philosophy, 2 hours of yoga meditation)

The theme is "All is decided'' "About love and ego'' "Why will it become a high wave(consciousness)'' How to control the main happily, calmly'' "This world is Maya(illusion)'' "We live excitingly according to intuition''. This course is easy to understand as it introduces yoga's philosophy, meditation, and correct spiritual world through experiences!



Pause, not just breathing, want to know real yoga! You cannot understand even by reading a yoga book. I will introduce the difficult yoga philosophy easily, through episodes and experience stories. You can understand how to put everything else out of your mind into deep  meditation.We wanted such a exciting course!

※This English class is closed!

Yoga Poche! (Online Yoga) closed now

There are only two things you prepare! Easy to get started!


①Mobile Phone(LINE/SKYPE)

②Credit Card(PayPal)

Yoga connected LINE/SKYPE from anywhere!


We will check your pose in 20 minutes live from any place!


" We wanted you to see if yoga's pose is correct!'' "How can i learn yoga poses seen on television and magazines?''



Right Now! 


Price Plan

1time ¥2.500 (20min)


□➡☑Check!送信➡Press the button

① Reservation!

メモ: * は入力必須項目です

② After payment is completed, booking confirmed                                (カートに追加➡add to cart

Online pose check(Yoga Poche) 20minutes

Tax price without tax 税抜価格


③ Line Video / Skype, online!

Operation confirmation, online starting 5 minutes ago!

Yoga Event (Warkshop/Collaboration Yoga)

Free Park Yoga

Jumping out of the room, stretching out in nature, we know it, Park Yoga is best!

It was held in July 2018, August and November three times. The future plans are undecided. During the registration accepted!  Please make a reservation from this website.2018/11(120 people are registering)


Yoga Events Management

It is decided to be fun!


Please contact me. I can make any event. I'm waiting for your collaboration !


Calendar/ Reservation Check!

満員full/休み holiday



今日today/ 様Mr. or Ms.



Q)What are you looking forward to under the guidance of the students?

A)I am looking forward to changing your consciousness and body! When you can do it, we will be  together and make me feel happy.

Q)What is the characteristic of private yoga?

A)It can be started anytime without difficulty because it is done according to the individual's physical condition and exercise function.

Q)How is the trendy muscle training (Cross Yoga)

A)It is very popular! Increase your physical fitness with muscle training, squeeze your body with metabolism. Running slowly burns body fat of whole body. Yoga increases inner muscle and flexibility, blood, lymph flow better and relax. These three are the best for diet, exercise up function!

Q)What is TAISUKE's personality?

A)I am a active people who will do what i think at once and I am intuitive. It si a yoga-style open mind that is not influenced by pasta future.

Q)What is Yoga?

A)Yoga has a wonderful method of changing your life.Please ask TAISUKE anything about yoga(Breathing, Pose, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy etc).Happy with yoga, health☆彡

Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher


Yoga teachig history3.300 hours more

TAISUKE is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).


Where do I get my Yoga License?


1.Byron Yoga Centre RYS(200/ 300)(Australia)

2.Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers  siromani RYS(200)(India)


※"Serve,Love,Give,Purify,Meditate,Realize''  by Swami Sivananda

After getting yoga qualification, I started a private yoga studio. I had adopt the original project of Josai International University . I taught "Yoga Philosophy and Yoga course'' in general class, at Togane Arena entitled"Yoga to become beautiful ''for 3 years. I spread yoga such as company de Yoga, Event Yoga, Collaborate Yoga etc. to this area.

Currently, "Core B Yoga "is held at Togae Arena. During Friday(from 19 o'clock)LEVEL1 capacity 35people/ (from20 o'clock)LEVEL2 capacity is 35Peole.

Personal training "Cross Yoga(muscle training+ aerobic exercise+yoga )become very popular and about 50%of private class.

”Free Park Yoga'' is held occasionally so that many people will know about yoga. Number of registrants 120 last 2018/12.

"Yoga Poche'', even from a distance  you can still check your pose . It is a new project online.

※ Japanese to English translation was possible with the help of Teacher Heaven Consul by Parrots Kun Eikawa.